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Logging Into Web-Mail

Please note: This software is no longer supported or used as part of our hosting packages. This information is archived here in the hopes that it may help you if you are still using it on your hosting platform.

One of the most common issues we address is problems logging into web-mail. Please keep in mind all e-mail messages stored on the servers will use your alotted hosting space, once your space is completely used you will recieve the following error:

Your request didn't contain the proper session ID cookie -- access denied!

Replace $domain with your domain.

Your account is over server disk quota storage; webmail cannot write the session ID cookie to the server to record your login.
Please login into your domain control panel via:
Verify in the control panel "Disk Quota" used and "Free"
If it shows 0 free that means you have no server disk space/storage left.

Solution #1: Configure your e-mail client to retrieve the messages from the server to your local machine. This will in effect eliminate this issue permanently. For a tutorial on setting up you e-mail client click here.
Solution #2:
You need to clean up space to get under quota or upgrade to more space. Once under quota, webmail login will work again.

Check your mail storage area on the server via:
Go to the "File Manager"
Go to/open $domain-mail directory/folder
Inside $domain-mail directory you will see email stored for all email accounts.
Each email account is stored in a separate file.

Deleting one of the files will remove/delete the accumulated email
for that email account, but will not remove the email account itself.
Once the file has been deleted you will not have access to those emails anymore. Often you will find old email accounts or email for the "Default" email account that is stored in the "user name" for the hosting account.

If there are no large KB size email files stored, you are out of disk space and you will need to delete website content inside the $domain-www directory or upgrade to the next hosting level. Please contact support.

If you do not want to delete any of your files, you will need to upgrade to the next hosting plan please contact support.

Please be aware that your account will be billed the difference for the remaining current unused hosting fees.
For hosting plans check here:

Once you have space again make sure you check your email account's proper settings via the "Mail Manager" in your domain control panel.
For a tutorial to create/change email accounts please check this link.

Do not delete any of these folders/directories (your account might not have all of them):


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